Liturgical Vestments for Priests

How to choose fabric for cassock's sewing?

For sewing ordinary vestments, we use one of several fabric's types. Each of them has its own advantages.

1 Polyester

2 Linen

3 Rayon

4 Wool

5 Wet Silk

Custom tailored vestments or buy ready-to-wear?

The advantages of custom tailoring

  1. The vestment will fit better, in view of anatomical characteristics of your body.
  2. In well-tailored products you will not have a banged front of the cassock or waistcoat. The product will fit you perfectly.
  3. In the vestment, that was sewn according to individual measurements, it is easier to move and more comfortable to celebrate the Divine Service.
  4. Individual selection of brocade pattern, galloons, fringe, brushes.
  5. Making a Cassock or an Inner Sakkos from a fabric of your choice with any pattern you like.

Sticharions Lined or Unlined?

In order not to get hot in summer, you must wear a 100% cotton shirt under a sticharion. Therefore, the priests wear a chiton (srachitsa) made of cotton or flax under the sticharion. And then under all heavy layers will be comfortable.

Orthodox Vestments Sewing

By placing an order in our sewing workshop "Pokrov", you get comfortable and durable, liturgical and everyday church vestments for an Orthodox priest. Our vestments are made according to all canons of the Orthodox Church. In addition to the liturgical vestments, we sew temple robes and accessories. Each church vestment is made of quality fabrics such as Greek brocade, velvet, silk. Products are decorate with high-quality fringe, tassels and galloons.

Our seamstresses, designers and technologists have extensive experience in sewing various clothes, including every day and liturgical vestments Russian style and Greek style. We can sew temple vestments in the same color as a set for liturgical vestments.

You will be very handily and comfortable in our custom-made clothing.

Baptismal and Wedding Sets and Accessories

The design and of each baptismal dress is carefully thought out and made so that your baby feels comfortable. Our christening products are made only from high quality fabrics and lace canvases. They can be stored as a family relic, and passed on as a family heirloom from generation to generation.

In our workshop we make traditional baptismal clothes, as well as products with elements of the Ukrainian national costume, and products in the "vintage" style. We are trying to revive the production of christening and wedding sets in accordance with the church canons, which in the past century began to be forgotten.

Wedding accessories are sewn to order and are complemented by such pleasant and important trifles as pads for wedding rings, lace napkins for candles, embroidered bench towels and bonbonnieres for guests.

Gifts, Fabrics and Accessories

Our workshop also offers liturgical fabrics for sale to meet the needs of clergymen. We sale cloth for the liturgical and everyday vestments of priests, deacons, and textile for the decoration of the temple. On our site, you can purchase off-the-shelf items such as accessories (galloons, fringe, crosses, bells and tassels), and fabrics: church brocade from Greece and church silk for church decoration and lining. All fabrics and accessories are sorted by color, you just have to choose the color and pattern you need and place the order.