Outer Cassocks, Inner Cassocks, Vests, Belts


Everyday Vestments for Clergymen

The vestments of an Orthodox priest include two types of vestments: liturgical and everyday. Everyday vestments are made in neutral colors (black, gray, white, and natural undyed linen), mainly from simple fabrics. Such garments are decorated with embroidery of a tone to the fabric, usually single-colored. On the inside of the garment there is a nameplate and an embroidered cross.

A priest's everyday vestments include several types of garments:

  • Inner Cassocks;
  • OuterCassocks (including winter and demi-seasonal);
  • Cassocks Vests;
  • Cilices for the priest's vestry.

Inner Cassock

It is a long undergarment with narrow sleeves, sewn at the waist, worn under the frock and other vestments. The inner cassock is made of black, dark blue, brown, gray or white fabric. In the church workshop Pokrove cassock is made in black and gray colors, from poly viscose, linen and half-wool. The garment can be decorated with embroidery.

Outer Cassocks

This element of the priest's vestment, which you can buy in a church workshop Pokrove is made to order, according to individual measures of the clergyman. The item is lined or unlined (on the customer's request), made of black or gray fabric - gabardine, poliviscose and half-wool. The outer cassock may be decorated with embroidery on the collar, sleeves and sides of the garment.

Cassock Vests

Everyday clothes of an Orthodox priest, besides inner cassock and outer cassock, can be supplemented with a winter or off-season vest. In-season vests can be made without a lining. A warm winter vest made of fabric to match the outer cassock or inner cassock is made with a fur lining.


The cilice is made of undyed linen cloth, in which horsehair is added.

You can buy an inner cassock, outer cassock, cassock vest or cilice inexpensively in the church workshop Pokrove.