Liturgical Fabrics for vestments


Fabrics for Clergy Vestment

Our specialists use only high quality Greek fabric with methinking for a variety of liturgical vestments and temple vestments and paraphernalia. For different kinds of service in the temple clergy vestments of different colors are used - for example, red garments of rich brocade are put on for Easter, and a simple linen vestment is required for taking the veil. You choose the material and the pattern, based on your tastes and needs, and we guarantee that any product made by us from the textile of your choice will be of high quality and durable.

As for the material itself, we have a variety of church brocade, which is used to sew all kinds of daily and liturgical vestments, as well as church vestments.

Buy Best Church Fabric

In the online store Pokrove you may find a variety of jacquard and monochrome fabrics, conveniently divided into different color categories: white, black, yellow, green, blue, red and purple. Each patterned ornament has a certain meaning, often such a fabric is decorated with crosses of various kinds and sizes. Choosing brocade or silk for church vestments, it is necessary to consider the size of the pattern. On the finished product, it should be located symmetrically and correctly in conjunction with the location of the crosses on the vestment.

You can buy best textiles for sewing church vestments at this website. We offer to buy online luxury types of church fabrics. We have a wide range of Greek brocade with methinks and lurex with beautiful jacquard patterns in the Byzantine style. Our brocade fabrics are well behaved, do not lose color, drape well and have a rich luster in the Temple.