Liturgical Church Vestments


Church Vestments Custom Tailored

In our church shop, you can buy Liturgical Vestments: phelonion, sticharions, surplices, mantles, as well as epitrachelion, belt, epimanikia, epigonation, nabedrennik.

The Orthodox priest vestments are made in our workshop in Kyiv, Ukraine and can be shipped worldwide.

We also sale church fabric and accessories for sewing church robes. For tailoring of church vestments, we use modern equipment and technologies but we carefully follow the canons of the Orthodox Church in sewing the priest vestments. You can choose any liturgical fabric, that interests you, and then see the price of priest or episcopal vestment for the selected fabric. When you place the order for a vestment, if you do not have any special wishes, we choose crosses for vestments, galloons and fringe at our own discretion.

Priest Vestments - Where to Buy

The priest's vestments are sewn to order according to your individual measurements. Our designers, technologists and seamstresses will sew your vestment from a high quality Greek brocade.

In our workshop, we use only modern materials to stiffen the phelonion 's shoulders in priest vestments and cuffs.

In addition, we can sew an inner cassocks and inner phelonion from white fabric or any other color you need.

We have many positive and grateful reviews on our work not only from Ukraine, but also word wide.

For Individual orders it usually takes from 5 to 10 working days before shipping.