Custom tailoring or buy ready-to-wear

The advantages of individual tailoring for priests

Tailoring for priests

Our Orthodox Workshop Pokrove offers individual tailoring of all types of liturgical vestments: Bishop's vestment, Priest vestments and Deacon Surplices.

The advantages of custom tailoring

  1. The vestment will fit better, in view of anatomical characteristics of your body.
  2. In well-tailored products you will not have a banged front of the cassock or waistcoat. The product will fit you perfectly.
  3. In the vestment, that was sewn according to individual measurements, it is easier to move and more comfortable to celebrate the Divine Service.
  4. Individual selection of brocade pattern, galloons, fringe, brushes.
  5. Making a Cassock or an Inner Sakkos from a fabric of your choice with any pattern you like.