Sticharions Lined

Lined Surplice

- Why do you want sticharion unlined?

- In sticharion lined will be hot. It will be good in winter and hot in summer.


In order not to get hot in summer, you must wear a 100% cotton shirt under a sticharion. Therefore, the priests wear a chiton (srachitsa) made of cotton or flax under the sticharion. And then under all heavy layers will be comfortable.

You asked to make a reserve for growth, we made it. The reserve should be covered with a lining, otherwise it will be ugly. This is a fabric with lurex, because of this it is rough on the wrong side and will cling to other clothes. The lined sticharion slides well, is easy to put on and take off. To ensure longer use, the upper part of the sticharion and the armhole are glued with woven interfacing. The lining will still remain on the yoke. In the sleeves, we also made a fold for growth, if you remove the lining, it will stick out!