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Altar Server Cassock

SKU: POR-001
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The product has 2 side pockets, fastens with 1 button at the waist, the collar fastens with 1 external and 1 internal button.

The Inner Cassock in the photo is a sample. Choose your desired fabric's type. The price of the product varies depending on your choice.

To make a product easy-to-use, you need to take measurements correctly.


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Features of Altar Server Cassock

 Standart (Viscose),  Gabardine

Color on the screen may differ from the original

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Description of Altar Server Cassock

A russian-style men's overcoat is a long, closed casual garment with a high collar and narrow sleeves. The collar fastens with two buttons and partially covers the neck. The Russian men's undercoat is made in the Orthodox workshop "Pokrov" from dense, monochrome fabrics of black color.