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Russian style Cassock embroidered (grey)

SKU: POR-013
Lead time 21-28 days

The product has 2 side pockets, fastens with 1 button at the waist, the collar fastens with 2 external and 1 internal button.

The cassock is sewen from grey or black viscosw fabrik with embroidery on the collar, sleeves and side of the product.

The Inner Cassock in the photo is a sample. Choose your desired fabric's type and embroidery's color. The price of the product varies depending on your choice.

We recommend: How to choose fabric for cassock

To make a product easy-to-use, you need to take measurements correctly.


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Features of Russian style Cassock embroidered (grey)

 Gray,  Black
 Standart (Viscose)
 Colar + sleavs + front,  Collar + sleeves,  Collar,  No еmbroidery
Color of embroidery
 Black,  Dark Red,  Blue,  Grey,  No embroidery
Embroidery Pattern

Color on the screen may differ from the original

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