Subdeacon Vestment

  • Subdeacon Vestment
  • Subdeacon Vestment
  • Subdeacon Vestment

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White 60366-SIL
White 15117-SIL
White 6000-SIL
Yelow 1200-C2/8
Yellow 1300-2
Yellow 1300-C2/8
Yellow 14063-C2/8
Yellow 15117-C2
Yelow 15157-C2
Yellow 15161-C2/8
Yellow 15167-C2
Yellow 2400-C2/8
Yelow 3300-C2/8
Yellow 5300-2
Yellow 5300-C2/8
Yelow 5400-C2/8
Yelow 5600-C2/8
Yellow 5800-C2/8
Yellow 6000-C2/8
Yellow 60366-C2/8
Yellow 60387-C2
Green 1300-C5
Green 14063-C5
Green 14181-C5
Green 15157-C5
Green 15161-C5
Green 15167-C5
Green 2400-C5
Green 5400-C5
Green 5800-C5
Green 6000-C5
Green 60366-C5
Red 1300-C7/8
Red 14063-C7/8
Red 15117-C7/8
Red 15161-C7/8
Red 15167-C7
Red 15246-C7/8
Red 2400-C7/8
Red 5300-C7/8
Red 5800-C7/8
Red 6000-C7/8
Red 60366-C7/8
Blue 14063-C3/SIL
Blue 1300-C3
Blue 15117-C3/SIL
Blue 15157-C3
Blue 15161-C3
Blue 15167-C3/4
Blue 15246-C3
Blue 2400-C3
Blue 3300-C3
Blue 5300-C3
Blue 5400-C3
Blue 60387-C3/SIL
Blue 1200-C3/SIL
Purple 15161-C6
Purple 5600-C6
Black 15101-B
White 2400-1
White 1200-SIL
White 2400-SIL
White 3300-SIL
White 5400-SIL
White 5600-SIL
White 15157-SIL
Blue 3300-C3/SIL
Blue 14181-C3/SIL
Blue 60366-C3/SIL
Red 3300-C7/8
Red 15157-C7
White 15161-SIL

The item in the photo is a sample. Choose your desired color and fabric pattern. The price of the product varies depending on the fabric chosen.

The subdeacon’s liturgical vestment of the Orthodox priest include three items: Sticharion, Double Orarion, Epimanikia.

To make a product easy-to-use, you need to take measurements correctly.


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Features of Subdeacon Vestment

 White,  Blue,  Yellow,  Green,  Red,  Violet,  Black
Fabric pattern
 White 60366-SIL,  White 15117-SIL,  White 6000-SIL,  Yelow 1200-C2/8,  Yellow 1300-2,  Yellow 1300-C2/8,  Yellow 14063-C2/8,  Yellow 15117-C2,  Yelow 15157-C2,  Yellow 15161-C2/8,  Yellow 15167-C2,  Yellow 2400-C2/8,  Yelow 3300-C2/8,  Yellow 5300-2,  Yellow 5300-C2/8,  Yelow 5400-C2/8,  Yelow 5600-C2/8,  Yellow 5800-C2/8,  Yellow 6000-C2/8,  Yellow 60366-C2/8,  Yellow 60387-C2,  Green 1300-C5,  Green 14063-C5,  Green 14181-C5,  Green 15157-C5,  Green 15161-C5,  Green 15167-C5,  Green 2400-C5,  Green 5400-C5,  Green 5800-C5,  Green 6000-C5,  Green 60366-C5,  Red 1300-C7/8,  Red 14063-C7/8,  Red 15117-C7/8,  Red 15161-C7/8,  Red 15167-C7,  Red 15246-C7/8,  Red 2400-C7/8,  Red 5300-C7/8,  Red 5800-C7/8,  Red 6000-C7/8,  Red 60366-C7/8,  Blue 14063-C3/SIL,  Blue 1300-C3,  Blue 15117-C3/SIL,  Blue 15157-C3,  Blue 15161-C3,  Blue 15167-C3/4,  Blue 15246-C3,  Blue 2400-C3,  Blue 3300-C3,  Blue 5300-C3,  Blue 5400-C3,  Blue 60387-C3/SIL,  Blue 1200-C3/SIL,  Purple 15161-C6,  Purple 5600-C6,  Black 15101-B,  White 2400-1,  White 1200-SIL,  White 2400-SIL,  White 3300-SIL,  White 5400-SIL,  White 5600-SIL,  White 15157-SIL,  Blue 3300-C3/SIL,  Blue 14181-C3/SIL,  Blue 60366-C3/SIL,  Red 3300-C7/8,  Red 15157-C7,  White 15161-SIL
 made in Greece
 made in Greece
 made in Greece
 made in Ukraine

Fabric color on the screen may differ from the original

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